The Gan Frida was founded as a project of the Chabad Russian Center. Built to engage the young children of the Russian Jewish community, our goal is to create a warm Judaic environment that utilizes a combination of the Montessori and Reggio Emilia values of child-centered learning. Through art, music and lessons, the children are engaging in the vibrancy of Jewish culture alongside rigorous academic lessons in a natural setting.

We have worked to build a curriculum that gives children the tools to understand the world around them, and be mesmerized by the world’s natural wonders. With our gardening classes, dance, sports, and music, we expose children to activities that will give them the skill to flourish and grow. The Gan Frida’s employees are all trained by Dr. Becky Bailey’s Conscious Disciplines professionals.

We offer monthly family programs, the goals of which are to create the bridge that will connect family and school. With our Shabbat circles, challah baking, and holiday crafts and activities, every week and season become reason for celebration.